Welcome Back Bobby

A great big shout out to our Head of Maintenance, Bobby. Bobby just returned to work after 7 months of chemotherapy treatments for colon cancer. He worked two months into the treatments and took the remaining 5 months off. We are so happy to report Bobby is cancer free, no more chemo or medicine!

Bobby kept a positive attitude throughout the months to help him get through.  When asked what got him through treatment he said:  “A lot of people prayed for him, the Lord is big and prayers got him through. Knowing he had a job to come back to and his work family was waiting for him helped him push on everyday. He thanked God for giving him back a normal life and to Yvonne (General Manager at Alpine Lodge) for giving him back his job. He looks forward to a new me and doing better then ever!”

Bobby is a single Dad and was working full time for Alpine Lodge when he was diagnosed. Doctors originally thought he would be out of work for a year. We are so happy to welcome Bobby back to work. He was greatly missed. BobbyGroup PhotoFunny Group Pic

Welcome Bacl Party

Welcome Back Party


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Alpine Lodge proud to be a part of Fresh Water 4 Philippines

Alpine Lodge is proud to be a part of the fundraiser for Fresh Water for the Philippines. It all started when just one month after the Bohol earthquake, Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippine islands (November 2013). While Filipinos were still in the process of rebuilding after the earthquake, the typhoon restarted the entire process. Typhoon Yolanda affected 16 million people; 4 million people were displaced, 1 million houses were damaged or destroyed and over 6,000 people were reported dead. Water systems in the areas affected by the typhoon are still in repair and the people are in desperate need for clean water. Many Filipinos are resorting to drinking unsanitary water which is only increasing the pressure on hospitals to treat the injured and sick.

The Fairbanks Host Lions Club sponsored a dinner and auction hosted by the Alpine Lodge & Finish Line Restaurant; and many local companies chipped in to help organize and plan the event to help raise money for aid in providing fresh water. The turnout was so successful, with great thanks to our caring and generous community, the event raised $19,000!

Yvonne Temple, General Manager of the Alpine Lodge/Finish Line Restaurant, also member of the Fairbanks Host Lions Club,  has played a paramount role with helping organize and execute the fundraiser. She and her husband, Kevin, went to the Philippines in January to facilitate the implementation for the Fresh Water for the Philippines project.  This is an on going effort and we look forward to hearing more updates as progress occurs. Please visit http://freshwater4philippines.com.wordpress.com for more details on their trip and information on ways you can help too!Philippines

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Traveling to Fairbanks this Winter? A few tips to keep in mind when packing…

Winter is an excellent time to get out and explore Fairbanks and Interior Alaska! A few tips to consider when packing for Fairbanks this winter…

Dress in layers! Thermal long underwear is a must. When you’re inside consider wearing cotton and silk layers, but in the outdoors stick to synthetics (polyester, polypropylene, etc.).

Bulky outer layers trap warm air near your body – examples include flannel lined pants, wool pants or sweaters, and fleece with a puffy (fiberfill or down) parka on the outside. Wool socks are much warmer than cotton.

Some warm boot options include bunny boots, pac boots, mukluks, insulated boots, and wool boots. Wool felt insoles increase warmth and can be added to any pair of shoes/boots with enough room.

Gloves are needed however in colder conditions (or over extended periods) mittens are better since they keep fingers together and trap heat more effectively than gloves. Remember to avoid touching cold metal and liquids (fuels and alcohol) that can instantly freeze your bare skin.

You will want to cover your neck with a scarf, balaclava, or neck gaiter. Two layers on your head are ideal in extreme cold. Be sure to include a hat and a balaclava or a hat and a jacket hood. In extreme cold or wind, you will need to protect your nose and cheeks from freezing. Balaclavas, wind proof face masks, or scarves will all protect your face from the cold.

And remember you do not want to overdress, you can quickly overheat and then get wet from sweat; and you will pay the price with sweat soaked clothing eventually leading to hypothermia.

It’s also a good idea to pack sunglasses and sunscreen. Reflectivity of ice and snow is hard on your eyes and your skin.


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Alpine Lodge is proud to sponsor our local hockey teams

Alpine Lodge is proud to sponsor the Fairbanks Ice Dogs Hockey and the Alaska Nanooks Men’s Hockey.  We have many hockey fans at the hotel and always love welcoming those coming in for a game. Below are links to the home page for each team. The season runs through March.

http://fairbanksicedogs.com and http://alaskananooks.com

Follow Alpine Lodge on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/alpine.lodge ~ we occasionally have tickets to the games and will do giveaways through our page!! Stop by the Finish Line Restaurant and Lounge for dinner and check our hockey decor. The walls are lined with jerseys, pictures and more! We are proud to support our teams and look forward to a great season!!Ice Dog Nanook

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Alpine Lodge Welcomes AFN & the Elders and Youth Conference 2013

We are gearing  up to welcome our friends from around the state for the AFN Convention and the Elders and Youth Conference. This five-day gathering is a time to hear what leaders have to say and hear the voices of the youth, view the beautiful artwork and crafts all handmade unique Native Alaska pieces, it’s a celebration of Alaska Native culture through song and dance known as Quyana, an Eskimo word meaning “thank you.” and a time rekindle friendships.

Your friends at the Alpine Lodge will be rolling out the red carpet for our guests and we look forward to your arrival! We have complimentary airport and rail shuttle available and enjoy complimentary continental breakfast every morning in the Yukon Room. We will be running daily specials (Wed-Sat) at our onsite restaurant and lounge ~ The Finish Line.

For more information on what is going on during the week visit http://www.afnfairbanks.com  AFN

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