Weather in Fairbanks

The weather in Fairbanks can be at both extremes, hot in the summer and bitter cold in the winter.

Wettest month: August

Driest month: April

Windiest month: May

Average snow fall: 67.4 inches

Record snow fall: 147.3 inches (1990/91)

Average first day of snow: September 21st

Snowiest month: November

Average annual precipitation: 10.34 inches

Don’t let the weather fool you. Fairbanks is beautiful both in summer and winter to visit.  Check out for a closer look at all the fun things to do!



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FAQ’s about Fairbanks!

Welcome To FairbanksHow many moose live in Fairbanks?

There is an estimated 500 moose, to include the areas of Ester, North Pole and Fox. Moose can weigh 800 pounds to 1600 pounds and up to 6 feet tall. If you encounter a moose, do not approach it. They can be quite dangerous especially if a calf is nearby. An estimated 150 moose are killed each year on the roads. Mostly in the winter when it is dark. The dead moose are salvaged by local charities so to not waste the meat.

Is it dark all day long in the winter?

No. The days get shorter and shorter as summer ends, with the shortest amount of daylight on December 21st (winter solstice), there is about 3 hours and 43 minutes of daylight. With sunrise and sunset it feels like 4-5 hours of light about 11am-4pm. After December 21st, we gain 6-7 minutes of daylight each day!

Is it daylight all day in the summer?

Just about, hence the midnight sun! We gain 6-7 minutes of daylight everyday after December 21st so by summer the daylight is pretty long! On June 21st (summer solstice) there is 21 hours and 49 minutes of daylight, the sun sets and comes right back up so it never really gets dark! About mid way through June and July its pretty much daylight all day long! After June 21st we loose 6-7 minutes of daylight each day.

What do the dog mushers do with their dogs in the summer?

Mushers will use ATV’s to train their dogs until there is snow on the ground and they can use a sled. Most mushers will give their dogs a break, and by August when the weather starts to cool start training again, so by November when there is snow on the ground they are ready to pick right back up.

Can you see the Northern Lights all year?

No. The best time to view them is December to March when it is the darkest outside. They are present all year long but the daylight prevents  you from seeing them. The Fairbanks area is one of the best places to view them from the end of August to April.

Why are there electrical outlets in all the parking lots?

Fairbanks has extreme cold temperatures in the winter and people have to “plug in” their vehicles so they don’t freeze. That is why the vehicles have extension cords sticking out the grill, it is to plug in the engine block heaters, battery blanket and oil pan heater. This will keep the vehicle warm enough to start up when its -40 outside!

Do people even go outside in the winter with the extreme temperatures?

Absolutely! There is many, many things to do during the winter. Dog mushing, ice fishing, snow machining, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing to name just a few.


Do people still mine gold in Fairbanks?

Yes! Fort Knox Gold Mine is located about 26 miles north and it is the largest open-pit mine in Alaska. They have produced more than 5 million ounces of gold since opening. They run year-round. Pogo Gold Mine is located about 85 miles southeast. Pogo Gold mine is an underground mine producing about 340,000 ounces a year.



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runtastic-geocache-altimeter-300x225Have you heard of geocaching? It’s one of the hottest new recreational outdoor activities! Geocaching is really gaining popularity and there are over 100 sites around the Fairbanks area!

For those of you who are new to geocaching; its an outdoor activity in which you use a GPS device to hide and seek containers called geocaches or caches. A typical cache is a small waterproof container. They contain a logbook, where you would enter the date and sign it, then place it back exactly where you found it. Larger containers may contain items for trading or trinkets. It’s considered a high-tech game of hide and seek or like going on a real life treasure hunt! You never know what the next cache will be… big or small!!

So if you are in the mood for a treasure hunt, grab your GPS and give it a try! Check out these websites for more information and helpful tips!

Of course if you need somewhere to stay while in town for your treasure hunt give us a call to make your reservation at 800-455-8851! Good Luck and  Happy Hunting!!

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Hunting Season Approaching!

Hunting season is approaching fast! The interior is surrounded by lush hunting grounds and every year we welcome hunters visiting on there way to their dream hunt! Moose, Caribou, Bear, Sheep… we’ve seen all the “trophies” come though the lodge!

Hunters are well taken care of at the Alpine Lodge!

Freezer storage, game cleaning station, ATV and trailer parking with high pressure wash area, storage space for rack and gear, free airport shuttle, on-site restaurant and lounge, dry sauna and so much more! Call now to make your reservation 907-328-6300. Special rates available- mention discount rate code: “hunt” when you call.

We look forward to sharing the Spirit of Alaska and offering the above services to help make your hunt a success!

Some helpful websites:

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Welcome Back Bobby

A great big shout out to our Head of Maintenance, Bobby. Bobby just returned to work after 7 months of chemotherapy treatments for colon cancer. He worked two months into the treatments and took the remaining 5 months off. We are so happy to report Bobby is cancer free, no more chemo or medicine!

Bobby kept a positive attitude throughout the months to help him get through.  When asked what got him through treatment he said:  “A lot of people prayed for him, the Lord is big and prayers got him through. Knowing he had a job to come back to and his work family was waiting for him helped him push on everyday. He thanked God for giving him back a normal life and to Yvonne (General Manager at Alpine Lodge) for giving him back his job. He looks forward to a new me and doing better then ever!”

Bobby is a single Dad and was working full time for Alpine Lodge when he was diagnosed. Doctors originally thought he would be out of work for a year. We are so happy to welcome Bobby back to work. He was greatly missed. BobbyGroup PhotoFunny Group Pic

Welcome Bacl Party

Welcome Back Party


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