Nenana Ice Classic Tripod Days

The year is 1917, picture a group of Alaskan Railroad workers building the only train of it’s kind in the world today. The single track bridge train is still in daily use today, and it goes through the town of Nenana, Alaska. Sixty-five miles southwest of Fairbanks this historic town has a competition like no other.

The locals host an event called The Nenana Ice Classic Tripod Days where they guess the date and time of the Tanana River ice breakup each spring. In late February, a black and white, 26-foot-tall tripod is set on Tanana’s River’s thick coating of ice. By the time April comes around, a cable that is attached to the tripod from a clock on the shore is tripped. When the tripod moves approximately 100 feet, and stops the clock. If you guess the day, hour and minute correctly you spilt the cash prize! (which recently has been $300,000!) This fun event introduces Spring and welcomes it’s arrival in interior Alaska 

photo credit: nenana ice classic

Once you’re done, head over to the Alaskan Railroad Museum or theGolden Railroad Spike Historic Park.  If ice just isn’t your thing, come up for June where the Nenana River Daze takes place! This gun show is super fun for any avid gun collectors. In July the town of Nenana gets celebrated again in the Nenana Whitewater Festival. For four miles the 30 competitors ride along the river in class III rapids. What an amazing sight to see!

photo credit: Denali Outdoor Center

If you’re looking for a wacky event join Alaskans in their annual Outhouse Race. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and it’s in Chatanika, Alaska. This historic gold mining town is just 30 miles north of Fairbanks. It is truly a unique and funny event for anyone who wants to have a good time with some good people!

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