Come to Fairbanks and experience the Midnight Sun!

There’s so much to do in June in Fairbanks, Alaska!

From Friday June 01 until Saturday June 02 at 6:00 p.m. , it’s “Relay for Life”

Held at the West Valley High School Track, this fundraiser goes non stop for 24-Hours!

The theme for our 2012 Fairbanks Relay For Life is: RE-LEI FOR LIFE!!

More information and schedule of events found at the websites below.                                                                                                                               

Jymi Sickels, Alpine Lodge Operation Manager and her team are warmed up and ready to Relay!!!

June 08 Sublime with Rome All Ages Concert playing at the Blue Loon For tickets and more information go to

June 16-17 Yukon 800 Boat Race It’s the longest, toughest speed boat race in the world! 800 miles along the Chena, Tanana and Yukon Rivers.

June 21 107th Midnight Sun Baseball Game The Alaska Goldpanners play at 10:30 p.m. without any artificial lighting on the longest day of the year!

Sunday, June 24th from Noon-Midnight The annual Midnight Sun Festival is exactly what you think it is. The locals line the streets of downtown Fairbanks with vendors, performers, and activities from noon to midnight in celebration of the Summer Solstice. For Fairbanks that doesn’t mean it’s any regular day, enjoy the LARGEST single day event of all Alaska with quality entertainment, food, and fun under 24 hours of daylight. Bringing in about 30,000 people each year this event hosts 33 live performances and 200 local food vendors! Celebrate the sun at this unique event that showcases everything from chalk artists to gold panning. There’s something here for everyone!

Off-site Catering under the Midnight Sun!

The Alpine Lodge / Finish Line has added off-site catering for your special occasion, whether it is a wedding, corporate event, gala or intimate cocktail party, Alpine Lodge/Finish Line Catering provides unparalleled service and exquisite cuisine. Choose from a variety of local, Pacific Rim, world fusion and traditional favorites, perfectly executed for your event. Our talented chefs only choose the freshest ingredients, creating artful appetizers, exceptional entrees and sumptuous desserts, ensuring a delectable and memorable experience.

Check out our June Hotel Specials! For Reservations call now 800-455-8851 or visit our website at

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