Northern Light Show

Here’s an image I’m sure you’ve seen a handful of time on TV most likely, well how would you like to see it in person! Choose your favorite form of viewing the beautiful and energetic lights that cover Fairbanks’ night sky. Take a sled dog trip, a snow cat tour to a panoramic vista, go in a horse drawn sleigh, or on a flight above the Arctic Circle. 


Aurora Forecast for Fairbanks, AK on September 3rd, 2012


Be one of the lucky few who get to sit under the living night sky that Alaskans get to enjoy every year. Gold, emerald, silver, and magenta colors present themselves in a dance that they know all too well. Photographs for this spectacle and guaranteed to be breathtaking. The glowing curtains will either change in seconds or remain unchanged for hours.



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2 thoughts on “Northern Light Show

  1. Kathleen West

    When are the Northern Lights visible. What time of year?

    • Hi Kathleen,
      The most common time to see the Northern Lights occurs heavily between late August and April. Prime viewing time is late evening through the early hours of the morning. The hotel does “Northern Lights” wake-up calls so you won’t miss them when you stay with us!

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